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Now with more epic: RUA2

Collect unicorn tears

Challenge accepted!

More powers and abilities

The familiar severed head

Iron Pegasus feels no pain

The very soul of the game

Join in a legendary battle

Do you believe in glory? In collecting the tears of your enemies? More importantly, do you believe in Erasure? The most majestic running game is back with a sequel and Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is more epic than ever.

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Like the original, RUA2 is an infinite runner game. Initially, you'll navigate your unicorn along a dirt terrain (though, as you progress, you can run in different worlds), collecting fairies and unicorn tears, and jumping through rainbow hoops (yes, you read all of that correctly).

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At each level, you'll need to finish a certain achievement in order to unlock the next rank. These can include things like: "collect 50 tears" or "jump through three hoops."

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Reaching certain levels enables you to have more gaming options. For example, once you reach the fourth level, you can start customizing the look of your unicorn; the sixth level lets you join the online battle; and the 15th level lets you enter the Ice World terrain. If you have enough points, however, you can skip achieving a task and pay your way with unicorn tears to another level.

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You die by either falling or running into a star or side of a cliff. You get three chances (or "wishes") before your total score is tallied up. Unlike the first RUA, where the only challenge given to you was to "not die" and get a higher score, RUA2 offers numerous incentives for continual gameplay.

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The sequel has tons of customization options for your unicorn's body, hair and mane, horn, wings, and general aura.

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The most noticeable change of this version is the absence of Erasure's "Always" looping in the background. Needless to say, it was the most charming and hypnotizing aspect of the original game. Players can purchase the song (along with other epic electronic, New Wavy songs) starting at 99 cents each to comply with licensing agreements.

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One of my favorite new options is joining the unicorn community. Now, you don't actually get to play against anyone; rather, you choose one side to belong to (either team Inferno or team Rainbow). The team that logs the most destroyed stars by the end of a 24-hour period wins extra unicorn tears for each of its members.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET
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