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A loaf of flashlight

Electronic shells fresh from the oven

Telling time with bread

Tune in your toast

Go fly a computer kite

Desktop fans take flight

Edible pencils made from licorice

Israeli artist Debbi Nitsan's collection of baked electronics includes a baked flashlight. The light still works; it just produces a dim glow through the crust of bread around it.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
Baked electronics is an art project from Debbi Nitsan that replaces the shells of radios, clocks, and flashlights with bread baked into the right shapes. The electronics all still work, if you can figure out where the buttons are and which bread knobs do what.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
Time is relative, but sometimes it's also delicious. This clock from artist Debbi Nitsan uses the guts of a real clock and covers it with a shell made of bread. Four markers baked into the surface help you figure out what time it is.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
Israel-based designer and artist Debbie Nitsan created this baked radio for a collection of electronics redone with bread shells. The radio is fully functional with its antenna poking through the crust.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
Artist Debbi Nitsan has delved into other electronics for her projects. The computer kite is a tiny kite that attaches behind the fan of a desktop computer. As the computer blows air, the kite takes flight.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
Baked-electronics artist Debbi Nitsan has also turned her whimsical eye on the fans behind desktop computers. Her miniature kites anchor to the computer and float in the current of air from the fan.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
Perhaps Israel-based artist and designer Debbi Nitsan chewed through a few pencils while hatching the idea for her baked-electronics collection. These pencils she designed have edible licorice, giving you something much tastier than an eraser to nibble on.
Caption by / Photo by Debbi Nitsan
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