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Powerful speakers, a screen and Google Assistant

The $300 LG Xboom AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display responds to voice commands thanks to Google Assistant. You can check the weather and the screen will show the forecast. Search for restaurants and see pics of local options. You can also control smart home gadgets with a touch or with voice commands. Watch videos, make calls and more with this clever combination of a smart speaker and a touchscreen. Click through to see what else the LG WK9 can do. 

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Set it up

Use the Google Home app to set up your LG Smart Display. Connect it to your Wi-Fi and then you can customize the ambient screen -- show the time, scenic pics from Google or your own photo album. 

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Get assistance

Once you're set up, you can issue all of the same voice commands to the LG Smart Display that you can give to the Google Home smart speaker. The screen will show extra info for most of your questions and commands. You can find directions to local restaurants and send them to your phone or find recipes on your phone and send them to the display. 

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Recipe help

Once you send a recipe to the display, it'll walk you through each step. You can multitask while you work and skip forward and backward as you need to. Scroll right on the home page and you'll see more suggestions of what you can do with your display. 

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You can also watch YouTube videos, YouTube TV and more. You can even make video calls using the built-in camera. 

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If you need extra privacy, you can slide a shutter over the camera or hit the mute button. 

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Volume controls

You can tap the plus and minus on either side of the mute button (on top) to raise and lower the volume. 

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Speakers to rock

LG partnered with Meridian, a high-end speaker designer, to create the sound for the WK9. Two 20-watt speakers add extra oomph to your song of choice. 

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Passive radiators

The WK9 also has dual passive radiators to give the bass a boost. 

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LG is ready to show off

The LG Smart Display offers a handy combination of a responsive touchscreen, a versatile digital assistant and high-quality speakers. You can buy the WK9 now for $300. 

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