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The Olympics and IT

Sochi Technology operations center



London 2012

The 2014 Winter Olympics gets underway today in Sochi, Russia. Behind the thousands of athletes and tens of thousands of attendees is a massive IT infrastructure that can't afford to fail. Atos is behind the whole system, and has years of Olympics experience to lean on.
Caption by / Photo by Atos
A look at the Technology operations center in Sochi, set up and operated by Atos. The company is operating 400 servers, 1,000 security network devices, and 5,600 computers to support the Games' IT infrastructure.
Caption by / Photo by Atos
A close-up look at the Sochi Technology operations center.
Caption by / Photo by Atos
Running the massive accreditation system is just one of countless jobs that fall to Atos.
Caption by / Photo by Atos
During the London Summer Olympics in 2012, Atos evaluated millions of potential security events every day, eventually discovering just over 100 that were real issues, all of which were resolved, the company said.
Caption by / Photo by Atos
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