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First released in July 1994, Star Wars: TIE Fighter was the sequel to X-Wing, LucasArts' original Star Wars flight simulator. TIE Fighter built upon X-Wing's success by adding in refined controls and a deeper, more engaging story, and by giving gamers a surprisingly satisfying taste of the Dark Side.

We'd love to see TIE Fighter remade for current-gen VR gaming setups, but for now, let's take a look at what made the original such a classic.

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In TIE Fighter, you play the part of a rookie pilot for the Imperial Navy. You serve the Emperor, shooting down Rebel scum in the name of preserving peace and order throughout the galaxy.

Yep, you're totally a bad guy.

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The game itself consists of dozens of missions, each packed with primary and secondary objectives and hidden bonus objectives that can unlock additional story content.

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You can study up for each mission by talking to your flight officer, or with an emissary from the Emperor who will hint at your secret objectives.

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You can also hone your piloting skills by flying through one of the game's training courses.

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Of course, once you make the jump into battle, you're on your own.

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Missions are often unpredictable, requiring the player to stay alert and ready to attack.

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Simple visuals made room for more overall content, including cut scenes.

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TIE Fighter has already been rereleased for modern computers on the website, but a full remaster for VR setups makes too much sense not to be a thing. Make it happen, developers!

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