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iHome Outdoor SmartPlug

The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug is a $40 single smart outlet intended for use in outdoor areas. A black, boxy 6-inch cord attached the plug to your existing outdoor outlet. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Connecting to Wi-Fi

The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug and the iHome Control app require a 2.4GHz internet connection to control the plug remotely and with voice commands. Connecting the plug to Wi-Fi is done through the iHome Control app once the plug is in place. 

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One smart outlet

The downside to the iHome Outdoor SmartPlug is the single outlet you'll get for $40. The plug works well with Siri, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, but we wish there were two outlets. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Getting started

One the app finds the device, Wi-Fi connection setup is automatically completed. 

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Design disappointment

The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug looks a lot like the Outdoor Switch from iDevices. Both are bulky, black and a bit of an eyesore to mount on the exterior of your home. Maybe someday we'll see a good-looking outdoor plug, but today is not that day. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

HomeKit compatibility

The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug works with Siri, and The iHome Control app displays the plug's information within your HomeKit rooms. It also shows customization options, rules and network settings. 

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Device settings

Within the iHome Control app, you can adjust settings and classifications for the Outdoor SmartPlug including name, room and home assignment. You can also view the power status of the plug from the app. The outlet icon displays as green for "on" and white for "off." 

Published:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Molly Price/CNET

Indicators and physical controls

The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug includes a light on the side of the plug to indicated Wi-Fi connection status. It also includes a manual on/off button to control power to the plug. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Device power usage

The iHome Control app shows a device usage history for the Outdoor SmartPlug, with time-stamped data for each time the plug turned on or off. 

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iHome Control rules

With the iHome Control app, you can set time-specific rules for powering on or off the Outdoor SmartPlug. You can create rules that occur once or are repeated on certain days. There are no IFTTT integrations currently or options for other rule parameters other than time. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Molly Price/CNET
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