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Supermoon on Capitol Hill

Hey, watch out!

Super-creepy moon?

Only 1 is open 24 hours

Supermoon rising

Mediterranean moon


Emerald City supermoon

Polish nights

The supermoon by the Bay

Folsom ain't just a prison

Harvest supermoon

Super close-up

Supermoon or sunset?

Hey, pal

NASA captured this photo of the first and only supermoon of 2017 as it rises behind Washington, DC on Dec. 3. A supermoon occurs when the moon's orbit is at its closest to Earth at the same time it is full. If you missed seeing it in person, you won't have to wait another year for your next chance to glimpse it. Two more will occur on Jan. 1 and Jan. 31, 2018. Meanwhile, enjoy the supermoon in all its majesty with our gallery of photos from around the world.

Caption by / Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls

An aircraft taking off from Ronald Reagan National Airport near Washington, DC is seen passing in front of the supermoon as it rises in another NASA photo.

Caption by / Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls

The supermoon took an especially ominous red hue over Washington, DC in this NASA photo.

Caption by / Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls

Toronto-based photographer Dominic Bugatto captured this shot of the supermoon competing with the more mundane artificial light of a convenience store.

Caption by / Photo by Dominic Bugatto

The supermoon caught on the rise above the ridges of the Algarve Serra in Portugal by photographer Craig Rogers.

Caption by / Photo by Craig Rogers

The supermoon was the only thing that could make an evening on the Spanish isle of Mallorca more elegant in this photo by Fernando Vega.

Caption by / Photo by Fernando Vega

There was an addition to the neighborhood in this photo of the massive-looking moon taken by Charlotte-based Mark Lowe.

Caption by / Photo by Mark Lowe

Seattle is known for cloudy skies, but in the case of the supermoon, some wispy ones only added to the effect. Thank Martin Criminale for the photo.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Criminale

This supermoon shot from Poland comes via "nightscapes" specialist Piotr Potepa.

Caption by / Photo by Piotr Potepa

David Yu grabbed a particularly huge-looking supermoon behind the San Francisco skyline in this photo take from Alameda island across the bay.

Caption by / Photo by David Yu

The supermoon shines down on California's Folsom Lake in this photo by Carrie McGann.

Caption by / Photo by Carrie McGann

A bucolic setting for the supermoon rising in this photo from Pennsylvania by Mike Vosburg.

Caption by / Photo by Mike Vosburg

This photo from UK photographer Lukias Saikul provides a closer look at the moon on its closest approach of the year.

Caption by / Photo by Lukias Saikul

The supermoon is so bright in this photo of it rising over the UK by Simon Wright that you could easily mistake it for a sunset.

Caption by / Photo by Simon Wright

Portland, Oregon photographer Stuart Zahn captured this image of a pine tree attempting to high five the supermoon.

Caption by / Photo by Stuart Zahn
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