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Batman's got funding

Aquaman offers waterproofing on the side

Thor boasts of his godliness

Wonder Woman knows her business

Arrow isn't Robin Hood

Say "no" to kryptonite

A Daredevil of a business card

A flashy business card

Spider-Man calling

The Joker card

Tony Stark gets down to business

UK printing company 123Print created a series of business cards for superheroes to leave behind at the scenes of their exploits. The tongue-in-cheek creations shine a light on the absurd side of the superhero world.

Bruce Wayne may be better known as Batman, but his business card alludes to the deep well of wealth from the Wayne heritage. It also gives a shout-out to the famously raspy voice used by Christian Bale in the reboot blockbusters. The card gives some handy directions for pointing your Bat-Signal.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

Burly actor Jason Momoa is signed on to play Aquaman for a new film scheduled to release in 2018. He might want to stock up on these business cards from 123Print that politely request "no deserts please." It also lists his skills as "king/deep sea diver/fish translator."

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

Modern film fans pretty much know superhero Thor as Thor, but he does have some alter-ego names, including "Donald Blake." That's the name this business card designed by UK printing company 123Print goes with. It lists Blake's title as "Thunder God." His famous hammer graces the back of the card along with the taunt "I'd like to see your god do that!"

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

Wonder Woman is a standout in the male-dominated world of superheroes. This business card created by 123Print has a notable headline: "Eyes up, creep." The back of the card demands respect. It's one in a series of irreverent superhero calling cards.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

He might like the color green and wield a bow, but don't mistake Green Arrow for that do-good rascal Robin Hood from Sherwood Forest. UK printing company 123Print created this business card for Arrow's alter ego Oliver Queen. It trumpets his skills with arrows as an advantage over just having special superpowers.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

If Clark Kent had a business card that revealed his identity as Superman, then this is that card. Designed by 123Print, the card includes his key skills: superhuman, journalist and master of disguise. The stylized underpants design on the back warns people not to ask for any details on his costuming.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

The braille on this business card designed by 123Print reads "Don't judge me by my movie," a reference to the poorly reviewed Ben Affleck "Daredevil" movie from 2003. Fortunately, there's a well-received Netflix streaming series for Daredevil.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

The Flash is known as a red-clad speedster and his business card reflects the look. The card is part of a series created by UK printing company 123Print to advertise the services of various superheroes. His card notes his skills as a jogging enthusiast and as someone who is "always punctual."

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

Peter Parker gets his own superhero business card courtesy of printing company 123Print. The web-filled card features Spidey's notable blue-and-red color scheme. The back side can be read upside-down in tribute to Spider-Man's tendency to dangle from high places.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

UK printing company 123Print created a series of superhero business cards, but one supervillain snuck into the mix. This chaotic purple, black and green card designed for Batman's nemesis the Joker encourages people to book him for heists, murders and kids' parties. Everybody loves a clown.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print

Tony Stark is an accomplished businessman as well as a high-tech-suit-wearing superhero. A card designed by 123Print advertises his good looks, sweet Iron Man outfit, genius-level intellect and all-around awesomeness.

Caption by / Photo by 123Print
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