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Behold the power of pizza

Ancient Avengers

The Pyramid Directive?

Mighty Morphin Ma'at Rangers

Where there's a pyramid, there's Spider-Man?

The Phoenix rules over Wolverine and Cyclops

Vigilante antiquities

Artist/illustrator and self-proclaimed nerd Josh Ln rewrites the histories of Spock, Captain Kirk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Power Rangers, X-Men, and other geek icons as ancient hieroglyphs in his series "Hero-glyphics." It doesn't surprise Ln which piece seems to have emerged as the fan favorite. "Probably the Ninja Turtles piece," he told Crave. "I think people have a strong reaction to pizza, as they should."
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor would make any Egyptian god think twice before picking a fight.
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
"I am partial to the 'Star Trek' one," artist Josh Ln told Crave of the prints in his "Hero-glyphics" series. "Kirk was always really bad at obeying the Prime Directive, that this scenario could have actually happened."
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
The pink, blue, and green Power Rangers take their place in Egyptian history in Josh Ln's modern twist on ancient hieroglyphs. Ln says he stumbled upon the idea for the series when reading too quickly. "Usually a curse," he told Crave, "but this time I read 'hieroglyphics' as 'heroglyphics,' and then I began daydreaming of how cool that would be and which heroes would find themselves carved on ancient walls."
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
The spider is associated with Egyptian goddess Neith, who weaves the destiny of mankind. Here it's Spider-Man spinning his own fate against the Green Goblin and the Vulture.
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
Professor Xavier teaches young Egyptian students the ways of the X-Men. "I did a lot of research on ancient Egyptian art and looked for symbols that would help me explain the heroes better," artist Josh Ln told Crave. He primarily draws on a tablet.
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Red Mist balance the scales of justice in this "Hero-glyph" by artist Josh Ln.
Caption by / Photo by Josh Ln
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