Sony's first 4K television is a monster

At 84-inches, the XBR-84X900 will be one of the largest TVs on the market when it debuts in 2012. It is a 4K TV, which means it has a resolution of 3,840x2,160 pixels, which is exactly four times 1080p. It features passive 3D, which means its 3D resolution will be 4k/1k, greater than any existing 3D system. See an in-depth rundown of the XBR-84X900 here.
Photo by: Sarah Tew


The TV comes with a 10-driver stereo speaker system which, based on our demo, can go quite loud. It features two onboard scalers -- called the X-Reality Pro 4k system -- to take content first to 2K, and then another to take it up to the panel's native resolution of 4K. The TV is wireless and features onboard SmartTV.
Photo by: Sarah Tew

Where can I buy it?

Local pricing is not official, but the TV is likely to be around the $25,000-plus mark and will be available by December 2012.
Photo by: Sarah Tew


The TV is edge-lit with local dimming, and yet still features a slim bezel and profile.
Photo by: Sarah Tew


Though the TV is preproduction, the telly appears to have at least three HDMI inputs and two USB ports.
Photo by: Sarah Tew

Composite input?

Composite: remember that? If you're crazy enough to still use composite inputs on a TV of this kind, your checkbook will be revoked.
Photo by: Sarah Tew
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