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Sony's NGP console might not be out until near Christmas, but we're already rather excited. It packs some monster hardware, including two -- count 'em -- two analogue sticks and an intriguing touch-sensitive pad on the back.

But it's enormous! Measuring in at 182 by 84 by 19mm, it really stretches the definition of 'handheld'. We were so blown away by those dimensions, we decided to enlist the help of our loyal cohort of Facebook followers to illustrate the NGP's gargantuan girth.

Click through the photos above to check out what our faithful CNETeers came up with -- the first entry up there comes courtesy of Photoshop maestro Marc Crane, who adequately illustrates the challenges faced by shops offering home delivery for the NGP.

Keep clicking to see the NGP clutched to the bosom of a symbol for freedom, part of a mystical druid monument, and rendered as a malevolent alien force.

Fancy making your own NGP photoshops? Feel free! Just upload 'em to our Facebook wall so we can all marvel at your abilities. You'll need to click the big 'Like' button on our page first though. And as for the rest of you, get your scurvy hides on to our page too, and enjoy behind the scenes photos from the CNET UK offices, bonus videos and arguments with other geeks about geeky stuff.

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Thanks to Chris Sadler, the NGP gets a little independence. Imagine seeing this bad boy looming over your home town.
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You probably didn't notice this the last few times you looked at the Statue of Liberty. Strange, we always had her down as a 3DS kinda gal... Nice one Ian Rendall!
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Jason Forster has the same excellent idea, but got his entry in fractionally later! Still, he has coloured the NGP appropriately. It's the little touches...
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Word is Sony originally dragged the NGP up from an ancient druid site of worship. Lee Shaw knows the truth, but he'll never tell.
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How big is the NGP? Big enough to take down a zombie! Incredible artwork from Dominic Walliman.
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