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Sony Ericsson just released some info about its successor to the W380i Walkman handset, which we gave 7 out of 10 to in our review last April. It's the W508 -- a clamshell music phone with two colour screens, touch-sensitive controls, a 3.2-megapixel camera and 3.5G HSDPA data connectivity.

This will be a more affordable phone in the Walkman series. It seems to have taken the clamshell form factor of the W380i, and the touch-sensitive Walkman controls of the W980, which are stuck on the front of the handset underneath its smaller secondary display.

Other features include a range of exchangeable covers (something our mobile phones editor Andrew Lim has been excited about making a comeback since he got his hands on the Nokia N79), some gesture controls no-one will ever use, and Sony Ericsson's shake control, which lets you change music tracks by shaking the handset.

It'll be on sale in the UK around springtime, probably on both pre-pay and contract, but we'll confirm this nearer the time, along with full hands-on reports and a full review.

Check out heaps of photos in the gallery by clicking 'Continue' below.

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Opened up: check out the round buttons on the keypad, again, just like the W980 we mentioned earlier.
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The W508 wearing a purple cover.
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The W508 wearing a green cover.
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The W508 wearing an orange cover.
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And finally the W508 wearing Sony Ericsson's 'Mysterious Graffiti' cover.
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