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Bitponics wants to be your hydroponic hub

Bitponics' Base Station is the company's anchor point for your connected hydroponic garden.
Photo by: Bitponics

Cloud-based gardening joke goes here

BitPonics' system uses sensors to send data from your plant to its Base Station. The Base Station then transmits that information to BitPonics' cloud servers, which generate reports about your garden, alerts you about any issues, and even automatically controls any plant lights or watering equipment.
Photo by: BitPonics

The quantified plant

BitPonics will send information about your garden to any mobile or personal computing device.
Photo by: BitPonics

For flowers, just add Wi-Fi

Through sensors, software, and what the company calls a "nano-technological growth medium," Click and Grow's indoor pots are designed to let anyone cultivate herbs or flowers indoors with minimal maintenance or gardening skill.
Photo by: Click and Grow

Herbs anywhere

For $79, Click and Grow's Smart Herb Garden offers the potential for a low-risk, low-effort improvement to your cooking.
Photo by: Click and Grow

A simple sensor, for indoors or out

PlantSense's EasyBloom sensor can measure light, moisture, temperature, and, with a subscription, soil fertility.
Photo by: PlantSense Inc.

A two-pronged growing data attack

Black and Decker licensed PlantSense's design for its own version, available for less than $50 on Amazon and elsewhere.
Photo by: Amazon

Another sensor, sensing.

Munich-based Koubachi AG sells its eponymous connected plant sensor in the US through Amazon. It's available in both indoor and outdoor versions.
Photo by: Koubachi AG

Familiar functions

Koubachi's sensor is like others on the market, promising light, temperature, and moisture monitoring.
Photo by: Koubachi AG

Not connected, but stylish

Modern Sprout's hydroponic planter has no online component, but its design is still plenty smart.
Photo by: ModernSprout

Hidden controls

The self-contained hydroponic controls and array of materials for the planter make Modern Sprout an easy addition to any interior.
Photo by: ModernSprout

Help on the way

Modern Sprout says it plans to provide growing guides for all kinds of different herbs, fruits, and flowers on its Web site.
Photo by: ModernSprout

Plant Link senses, waters

Oso Technology's tiny plant link sensor performs the basic monitoring functions. With a valve accessory connected to your garden hose, it can also water your plants automatically.
Photo by: Oso Technologies

And, of course, it has an app

Plant Link's notification app.
Photo by: Oso Technologies

A hanging hydroponic garden

WindowFarms offers these tidy, vertical hydroponic hanging plants you can install in any window frame.
Photo by: WindowFarms

Four off the floor

WindowFarms sells its kits in groups of one, two, and four columns, starting at $199.
Photo by: WindowFarms


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