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Ariel goes Jedi

Princess frozen in carbonite

Frozen as a Sith

Slave Leia/Jasmine

Rapunzel uses the Force

Mulan the bounty hunter

Snow White goes to the Dark Side

The artist in residence

Artist Ralph Sevelius has spent the last year building up a collection of Disney princesses seen through the lens of "Star Wars." This Jedi version of Ariel gives the mermaid not one, but two light sabers, to take out her foes. "The Little Mermaid" would have been a very different movie if Ariel was armed.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
You can't complete a whole series of "Star Wars" images and leave out the classic Han-Solo-in-carbonite look. Artist Ralph Sevelius took Aurora from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" and cast her in carbonite. He had to overcome his original concern that the idea was too ridiculous. The finished image is recognizable as a mashup of the two worlds and features the funny inclusion of a frozen rose, a nod to Aurora's "Briar Rose" origin.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
Disney's recent hit "Frozen" introduced two new princesses into the fold. Artist Ralph Sevelius took Elsa and revamped her as a Sith straight from the Dark Side. The "Star Wars" version of the character features a red light saber and a snowflake-imbued crackling of electricity from her fingertips. Don't mess with this princess.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
When Disney bought Lucasfilm, it pretty much ensured Princess Leia's status as the coolest Disney princess of all. Artist Ralph Sevelius takes the famous slave-Leia look and translates it through Jasmine from the animated film "Aladdin." It's not just a whole new world -- it's a whole new galaxy.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
Rapunzel lets down her golden hair, which also happens to be a glowing light saber, in artist Ralph Sevelius' "Star Wars" version of the Disney princess. She certainly looks like she could take out a few Sith with that sci-fi hair-blade.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
Disney princess Mulan from the 1998 film of the same name gets to show off her tough side in artist Ralph Sevelius' rendition of her as Boba Fett, the famed "Star Wars" bounty hunter. The colors of the two characters are melded together, and she even sports a cape.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
The Dark Side lays claim to Snow White in artist Ralph Sevelius' reimagining of her in the context of the "Star Wars" universe. Sevelius ditched her trademark yellow dress and instead chose to garb her with colors borrowed from the Evil Queen. Her double-bladed light saber looks particularly dangerous.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
This coffee-swilling self-portrait shows how artist Ralph Sevelius fuels his work. He has been transforming Disney princesses into "Star Wars" characters in honor of Disney's purchase of the sci-fi franchise.
Caption by / Photo by Ralph Sevelius
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