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The new Shure earphones--the SE425 and SE535--are follow-ups to the SE420 and SE530.
Photo by: Jasmine France/CNET
They feature the same inner circuitry as the previous models and come in a choice of clear or brushed metal.
Photo by: Jasmine France/CNET
Shure made an effort to slim down the size of the new earbuds. The SE530 is on the right; the SE535 is on the left.
Photo by: Jasmine France/CNET
Shure also made the earpieces detachable from the cable for easier repair.
Photo by: Jasmine France/CNET
The slimmed-down SE535 fits better in my ear, but still isn't quite flush. Those with slightly larger ears will have better luck.
Photo by: Jasmine France/CNET


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