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Shoulderpod has just released its newest addition to a line of professional-grade mounting accessories for smartphone video enthusiasts. Crafted right here in Barcelona -- we saw it at Mobile World Congress -- the R1 Pro kit is elegant and professional, with fine wooden handles.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

The R1 Pro is comprised of various pieces that you can mix and match to suit your needs. Add the compatible S1 mount to hold your phone, or use any other mount with a tripod thread.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

The R1 Pro kit contains one P1 mounting plate (aluminum with wood finish), two H1 stabilizing handles, two K1 Knobs to attach the handles or other mounts, and one "cold shoe" mount for a GoPro camera, LED light or microphone.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

If the R1 Pro is more than you need, check out the R1 Go, which has a shorter mounting plate, one handle, and two knobs for attaching a mount and the handle or something else.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

The handles and knobs are equipped with standard 1/4-inch tripod threads, compatible with most any gear you may already own. These kits are perfect for someone who does mobile journalism, iPhone film-making, or creative types who want to see what they can do with their phone.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET


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