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There were two things of note at the Sharp press conference at CES today. The first thing was that queuing, if you aren't pre-registered for an event, is a waste of time. And the second was that pretty girls pulling velvet covers off your new range of LCD TVs is a sure-fire way to please tech journalists.

At the company's LCD TV-focused press conference, Sharp mentioned the now ubiquitous 3D. Sharp's main focus this year, however, is very much its new QuadPixel technology. The concept is shockingly simple, and the name says it all: QuadPixel adds a yellow LED cell to the existing red, green and blue ones found in all LCD TVs. Sharp says this means the TV can produce 1 trillion colours, instead of the rubbish 1 billion of existing LCD TVs. Sharp also claims a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, which drew some gasps of awe from the assembled masses.

The LE920 models are the company's top of the range TVs, available in the US in sizes of 52, 60 and 68 inches. These TVs look amazing, have a depth of just 40mm and feature the increasing popular LED edge-lighting system. The 920 range is also 240Hz capable, which makes for much smoother images during pans and other on-screen motion. As always, in the UK and Europe, 240Hz becomes 200Hz because of our different mains systems.

The company also announced that it will be integrating Twitter into its TVs from this year. This adds to the other features of the company's Internet-enabled TVs which allow video streaming via Netflix. Sadly, we've yet to see much support for video streaming in the UK, so perhaps we should all move to America. Click 'Continue' for more pics from the show.

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The new Sharp LCDs are 40mm thick, and have LED edge lighting, which helps keep the depth to a minimum.
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The girls seem to like LED edge lighting.
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As you can see, the styling of these new Sharp TVs is excellent, a fantastic improvement over previous Sharps.
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All good things must come to an end, including the time we spent watching the Sharp girls unveil the 2010 range. And this photo story, which will also now finish.
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