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Blimey, Samsung, you don't half know how to keep Crave on its toes. The British camera press is all off running around the Focus on Imaging show at Birmingham NEC and you drop the Samsung WB550 and WB100 without even turning up!

The WB550 and WB100 are the first cameras to sport OLED screens. The 76mm (3-inch) VGA AMOLED should look great at displaying your pictures, so we're looking forward to getting our hands on one.

And we thought Samsung was spent after announcing those other cameras just last week! Both cameras also sport whopping 24mm wide-angle lenses, with the WB100 adding a 5x optical zoom. The WB550 goes even further with a 10x zoom, putting it squarely into competition with the Panasonic TZ7 and new Canon PowerShot SX200 IS.

As well as high-definition video, both models include the option to pause a video while playing it back, and re-record a section of the same clip.

Both cameras pack in optical image stabilisation. Shooting controls include aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual option. Colour temperature can be tweaked in increments. When we get our hands on the new cameras we'll be looking at how this is different to white-balance adjustment. Click through our photos for a first look at the new cameras and their world-first screens.

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The WB550 will be available in sombre black and dark grey in April for around £300.
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Here we see the AMOLED screen on the WB100, next to which is a scroll wheel.
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The WB100 will be decked out in black or silver for around £330.
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