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Samsung UNB8500 series

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We've reviewed a few edge-lit LED-backlit LCDs from Samsung this year, but what home theater fans have really been waiting for is an update to last year's Samsung LN46A950, which uses local-dimming LED technology. The wait is over: Samsung announced today its flagship line of LED-backlit LCDs, the UNB8500 series, which uses local-dimming like last year's 950 series.
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Considering that we wrote last year's 950 series was "the peak of flat-panel LCD TV performance and picture quality," these will be highly anticipated TVs--but you'll pay a pretty penny for state of the art, with prices starting at $3,600 for the 46-inch model.
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LED 8500 L30
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LED 8500 profile
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The UNB8500's connectivity is highlighted by four HDMI inputs, two USB inputs, an Ethernet connection, and a PC input.
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