With this year's Mobile World Congress just around the corner, Samsung unveiled its flagship phone in a secret London location. It's called the Tocco Ultra Edition, and we got our sticky fingerprints all over it to bring you these pictures. (Update - we've also now got a Samsung Tocca Ultra review on the site.)

Known as the Ultra Touch in the rest of the world, the Tocco Ultra succeeds the original Tocco, adding a slide-out keypad and keeping the touchscreen widget sidebar. Multimedia capability is a big part of the Tocco Ultra's appeal, with an FM radio and crystal-clear 71mm (2.8-inch) OLED screen for watching films. Although Samsung is keen to develop its position in the music sector, representatives were eager to point out that this aim is solely on the hardware side, with there being no chance of a service like Nokia's Comes With Music.

The Tocco Ultra features an 8-megapixel camera, complete with LED light, autofocus and face detection. The phone's GPS system combines with the camera for geotagging your snaps. A nine-shot continuous mode, six-shot panorama and smile shutter also feature, as well as the option to preset Flickr, Facebook and other photo sites for instant upload.

Other colour options besides the red version pictured here will be available. Some of these will be exclusive to certain networks. With a £5m advertising campaign on the way in April, the Tocco Ultra should fly off the shelves.

'Fake call' is a feature Samsung was positively giddy about, but, frankly, it left us scratching our heads. With this feature, you record yourself speaking, and then, if you are ever in a situation where you feel threatened -- say, walking home past some hooded yoofs -- you hold down the volume key and the Tocco Ultra will call itself. When you answer, the message plays to create the illusion that someone knows where you are. On the downside, you will have just put your expensive and desirable style phone on display to said hoodlums.

Take a look at our photos to see if you think hooded ruffians would consider the Tocco Ultra worth nicking.

The monitor is a 71mm OLED touchscreen.
The Tocco Ultra Edition is a slider phone, with a three-by-four keypad, as well as a touchscreen.
A Google search widget is included in the sidebar.
Help guides are baked into the phone, and are accessible via a widget.
Here's the home menu.
When viewing files and folders, you can toggle between list view...
...and a folder-icon view.
Here's the Web browser, checking out your favourite gadget site.
The photo browser has a novel system of scrolling through photos by tilting the phone this way and that.
You text with the physical keypad.
That's an 8-megapixel camera right there. It also shoots 30-frames-per-second video and up to 16x slow-motion.
The side of the phone includes the camera shutter button, a button to lock the phone and... the headphone socket?
Yes, the headphones connect to the side of the phone, via a mini USB connection.
Unfortunately, there's no standard 3.5mm jack on the side. The bundled headphones come with an adaptor so you can use normal headphones.
With microSD, you can expand the Tocco Ultra's memory to 32GB.
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