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You won't be alone if you think the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, announced for the first time at Computex here in Taiwan, is like a big(ger) Galaxy Note phone. That's because like the Note, it comes with an embedded S Pen for drawing on the 2-in-1's full-HD display. 

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

For a more comfortable drawing experience, you can position the Notebook 9 Pro like this. 

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

If it's ports you fancy, the Notebook 9 Pro comes packed with four standard USB ports, as well as one USB Type-C for charging. 

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

When closed, the Notebook doesn't take up much space, and the brushed metal finish helps to somewhat hide ugly fingerprint smudges. 

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

Here's another look at the side view.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET


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