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Samsung has launched a brace of pocketable camcorders, the 'Full HD' digital HMX-R10 and YouTube-tastic SMX-FX34. The FX34 includes solid-state flash memory, as demonstrated above, while the R10 has a cute angled lens design.

The FX34 has a top resolution of 720x480, as well as a YouTube mode that shoots in native YouTube size and format. It features face detection for up to five subjects. Video is saved in H.264 compressed format, which allows for 8 hours of standard-definition video on the 16GB of internal flash memory. It also supports SD and SDHC cards.

The R10 packs a 9-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CMOS imaging sensor, with interpolation bumping stills up to 12-megapixels. A built-in strobe flash sheds light on proceedings. You also get a 5x optical zoom and optical image stabilisation.

Both camcorders include a decent-sized 69mm (2.7-inch) LCD touchscreen. Secondary controls are placed on the bezel so you can wave your camcorder around with impunity, which is also useful with Samsung's unique swivel grip.

No word yet on UK pricing and availability, but we'll keep you posted. Click through the pictures for a closer look at both models.

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The FX34 features a 42x zoom.
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And here's the famous Samsung swivel grip, which allows you to hold the camera at different angles.
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The R10 has this odd wonky lens design, which is designed to relieve stress on your wrist, apparently. The 45-degree angle looks cool, anyway.
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