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Squaring off

When it comes to phones attuned to seniors, the Samsung Haven sits somewhere in the middle of the pack. It's attractive, if not a bit boxy, and easy to operate and hold.

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Great dialpad

Most senior phones feature large buttons and font, and the Haven indeed has both. The dialpad is nice to use, and also possesses shortcut keys that map to voice mail, voice commands, speakerphone, emergency contacts, and 911. We're just not sure why there's a shortcut to the photo gallery when there's no camera onboard.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET

In profile

The Samsung Haven has slightly grooved sides, which make it easier to grasp. There's a volume rocker and 2.5-millimeter headset jack on the left spine and a MicroUSB charger port on the right.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET

Back, inside

There's just the external speaker on the back of the Haven, but inside are a few more tools for the senior demographic. They include reminder alarms, a medical info card, stretches, and "healing music."

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET
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