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You're going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4, but it's not quite enough! Click through the photos above to check out Samsung's horde of official accessories and cases to go with its mighty new smart phone.

S View Cover and more cases

This cover has a clever little window that lets you see the time, and notifications that pop up on your Galaxy S4, even when the cover is closed. Check out a hands-on video of this snazzy accessory below, featuring our favourite New York-based gadget fondler and part-time crooner, Dan Ackerman.

Apart from the View Cover, Samsung's also made a more standard Flip Cover that doesn't have a window, as well as a pouch and the Protective Cover+, which looks to be rather rugged and should protect your phone from bumps and scrapes.

S Band and S Health accessories

Samsung is determined to keep you alive as long as possible, using the Nike FuelBand-esque S Band to record steps you take, calories burned and how far you've walked. It also checks how much you move while you're asleep, and syncs with your Galaxy S4. Oh, and it's waterproof.

Elsewhere Samsung has a set of scales that measure your weight and sends it to your Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth, and a heart-rate monitor too.

Game Pad and wireless charging

Weirdly, Samsung's made an Xbox controller-style Game Pad that works with the S4 and features dual analogue sticks and shoulder keys. Wireless charging is also possible if you buy the right kit -- a charging pad and special back plate will free you from your charging cable.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S4? Will you be tracking down any of these accessories? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

The S View cover has a hole in it, so you can see the time and your notifications.
Lots of colours for the S View cover! A riot of hues! A rainbow of tints!
If that's too exciting for you, there's a more traditional flip case without a gap.
This is the Protective Cover+, which is sturdy. Grrr.
The classic pouch, for those who like to keep things simple.
Fitness! Samsung wants to keep you alive for longer. This S Band accessory fits around your wrist and monitors your activity, a bit like the Nike FuelBand. It works with the S4's S Health app.
A heart-rate monitor is also available, handy for when you hit the gym.
This uninviting gadget is Samsung's Body Scale, which measures your weight and sends it to your phone via Bluetooth. It supports up to seven users (not all at once).
Wireless charging is possible, but you'll need to buy a special back plate and charging pad.
Carry a spare battery around in this Extra Battery Kit.
Here's an odd one -- an S4 game pad with physical controls.
Finally, a simple headset with built-in remote control, and a flat cable that's apparently less likely to get tangled.


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