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3D is here. Seriously, we know that's what everyone said last year, but this year, it's here. Possibly. You really couldn't move at CES 2010 for all the 3D hardware. We know it works, and we know its limitations, but what we need now is to see if you, the public, are interested enough to spend your money on it.

The Samsung BD-C6900 may persuade you -- it has a whole bunch of pretty cool features. Samsung claims it will load a Blu-ray disc in 30 seconds. And while that sounds like an eternity, it's actually not all that bad if you're comparing it to other Blu-ray players currently on the market. The machine will also feature built-in Wi-Fi and Samsung's Internet apps, which give access to online video content.

Ignoring the 3D for a minute, this looks like a pretty amazing little player. The problem, of course, is the price. We're only now getting Blu-ray down to an affordable price point, so the last thing we really want is for 3D to push the cost of everything up again. Will you be investing in 3D? Plonk your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Samsung's new 3D Blu-ray player certainly looks the part. It's tiny and stylish, there's a little glowy thing that looks quite awesome, and then there's that Blu-ray 3D logo, that lights up to let you know how 3D everything is.
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Here's a close-up of that glowy bit. Smart, isn't it? We have no clue what it's for.
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We really love the style of this little machine. Samsung has brought out all manner of amazing looking hardware at CES, and we can't wait to get our hands on review samples of it.
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Here are the Samsung 3D glasses. If you're blind or partially sighted, these probably won't work for you. And they won't suit people who already wear glasses either. Despite all this, 3D is predicted to be a big deal in home entertainment.
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