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Getty Images photographer Adam Pretty is part of a team capturing images of the Rio Games' swimming competition by using robotic cameras secured to the floor of the Olympic pool.

Caption by / Photo by Getty Images

The robotic cameras are equipped with a Canon 1DX Mark II that can shoot up to 14 frames per second.

Caption by / Photo by Getty Images

This image shows Hungarian swimmer Laszlo Cseh competing in the men's 200-meter butterfly. "This is probaley one of my favorite images of the Games, so far," Pretty said.

Caption by / Photo by Adam Pretty, Getty Images

Cseh was trying to keep pace with fellow competitors like US swimmer Michael Phelps, the Olympian who has won the most gold medals ever (22 and counting). Phelps won the 200-meter butterfly by just .04 of a second -- the closest margin of victory in history. "He led the whole way, but guys were chasing him right down to the end," said Pretty about Phelps. "One of the best displays of swimming I've ever seen."

Caption by / Photo by Adam Pretty, Getty Images

Meanwhile, Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström, one of the fastest female swimmers in the world, was vying hard for a gold medal during the women's 200-meters freestyle race at the Rio Games.

Caption by / Photo by Adam Pretty, Getty Images

Sjöström came up short against rising US swimming star Katie Ledecky (near right), who won a gold medal in 200-meter freestyle and also in the women's 400-meter freestyle. The 19-year-old has won three gold medals and was in contention for a fourth as of Friday.

Caption by / Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images
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