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Turning blue

Pipin' the 'Pod

Sweet Sansui

Screamin' screen

Really love your Peachtree

Good Omens

Flashy Magnepans

Make mine a mini

DIY electrostats

Wall-to-wall sound

When I put out the call to "Show us yours--your hi-fi that is" in December. I didn't know what to expect, but the Audiophiliac readers' response was broad and deep. JPEGs of heavyweight hi-fis, from home theaters to tiny desktop audio systems, flooded my in-box. They're all good, so let's get started looking at the gear.

Some high-end turntables are gorgeous, and Lee S.'s VPI is pretty snazzy.
Caption by / Photo by Lee S.
Eric N.'s iPod speakers. Wow!
Caption by / Photo by Eric N.
Al T. bought this vintage Sansui receiver for $10! Nice match with the turntable and iPod dock.
Caption by / Photo by Al T.
Daniel Q.'s home theater setup took about 10 years to put together, starting in high school, when he bought his first pair of M&K S-150 speakers. Over the years, he bought additional speakers, upgraded components, built subwoofers, and then "gave up" and bought subs. He continued to fiddle and finally added a 128-inch projection system a couple of years ago.
Caption by / Photo by Daniel Q.
Tom R.'s Peachtree Audio DAC/amp and Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers. Sweet.
Caption by / Photo by Tom R.
Andrew L. has a nice system built around Zu Audio Omens, one of my all-time favorite speakers, and a Dynaco amplifier.
Caption by / Photo by Andrew L.
Terry R. has Magnepan 1.7 speakers and Parasound electronics.
Caption by / Photo by Terry R.
This maximum sound for minimum space system came from Schyler O. His mini setup features a pair of Audioengine 2 speakers, a pair of Sennheiser 598 headphones, and a Schiit Asgard headphone amp.
Caption by / Photo by Schyler O.
Some readers build their own speakers, and that's impressive. But David F. built his own electrostatic panel speakers and subwoofers! He also restores reel-to-reel tape machines!
Caption by / Photo by David F.
Jeff D. sent this panoramic shot of his extreme high-end audio system. Wow!

Thanks to all who sent in photos. I'm just sorry there isn't room to show more systems.
Caption by / Photo by Jeff D.
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