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Pushbullet is a handy service that sends files, links, and notes between your Android phone and computer, without using email or cloud storage.

Your PushBullet inbox in the app shows all of the items that have been pushed to your Android device from the desktop. Items remain here until deleted.

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All of the items pushed to your phone also show up in your notifications menu. Tap any of notification to interact with the item.

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From Pushbullet's Web site or browser extension, you can send items to the app on your Android device.

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You can also send items from the app. To send something from your device to another Android phone or tablet, or your computer, you first must pick what the type of item to send.

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Once you choose the type of push, you can choose where to send it from a drop-down menu.

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You can send items to anyone else who uses Pushbullet, you just need their email address.

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A recent update added the ability to mirror your phone's notifications on your desktop. When you turn it on, any notification you get will show up in the top-right of your screen.

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