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In addition to the October 13 release date, we learned a bit more about what you'll be able to play on PlayStation VR.

Photo by: Claudia Cruz/CNET

The Kitchen Prequel

It was teased as a prequel to the horrifying murder house VR experience, The Kitchen, but then we saw the title card.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

Resident Evil VII

That's right, it's Resident Evil VII, closer to your eye holes than it should ever be.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET


Landing on a strange planet, explosions in the sky, looking down the barrel of a futuristic rifle. We don't know much about Farpoint, but it's the kind of VR experience I want to be playing.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

Star Wars: Battlefront

S-foils in attack position, because there's a VR dogfight coming to Star Wars: Battlefront.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

Batman: Arkham VR

Anything that opens with Mark Hamill's iconic take on the Joker is enough to grab my curiosity. Putting on Batman's cowl in VR, continuing the Arkham series...Now you have my attention.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET

Final Fantasy XV VR

That's a lot of letters, but the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV will come with a VR experience.

Photo by: Luke Lancaster/CNET


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