We've previously given you an exclusive hands-on look at Samsung's wall-mountable Blu-ray player, the BD-P4600. Now, dear reader, we're happy to be able to provide another exclusive look -- at the company's BD-P3600. This player is aimed at a more conservative market, and doesn't have the 4600's unusual shape.

There are benefits to choosing the 3600, though. For a start, it has the crucial 7.1 analogue audio out, which means it can easily be connected to an older AV receiver. This is terrific news for people with much-loved equipment that perhaps can't decode Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD MA.

The 3600 also comes with a Samsung Wi-Fi dongle, which means you'll be able to access online content via BD Live, without the need for messy cables. Hurrah, we say.

The 3600 has the same innards as the 4600, however, so you can expect the same speedy load times for Blu-ray movies. That said, using our reference disc Vantage Point we saw a load speed of 40.89 seconds. This is actually slightly faster than the 4600 -- which loaded the disc in 43.35 seconds. However you look at it, this player is faster than your average bear. 

The terrific news is all of this functionality costs just £250. Really, this could be the most exciting Blu-ray player we've ever seen. Is it the best? Well, that will really depend on what you want from a player, but this certainly brings more to the party than most.

There aren't many formats this player won't support. The only one we could find was MPEG-4 video in an MKV wrapper.
The raised silver buttons are nice to look at, and quick to respond to presses.
Component video out, HDMI 1.3a and optical digital audio connections are provided, as are USB 2.0 and Ethernet sockets. The USB socket can be used with the supplied Wi-Fi dongle.
Here's the dongle. On its own, this would cost about £50 -- so it's good to see it included here for no extra cost. It's an ugly beast, though.
One of our favourite features of the 3600 is the inclusion of analogue 7.1 outputs. These allow older amps to make use of HD audio formats.
The disc tray is nothing special, but we took a photo of it anyway, in case anyone out there had a fetish for them. It takes all sorts.
The remote is nothing special, but it's comfortable to hold, responds well to button presses and attracts hand-grease like you wouldn't believe.
The menu system is simple, but easy to use. Great if you're not a trained rocket scientist.
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