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Audi Q7 TDI

iPhone 3G S

New MacBook Pro 13-inch

iPod Touch

Kindle 2

Nikon D5000

Verizon MiFi 2200

Inmarsat Explorer 500

Flip UltraHD

LiveScribe Pulse pen

Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection

Iridium 9555

HP Officejet H470wbt

Sony MDR-NC22 noise-canceling headphones

On June 21, CNET News reporter Daniel Terdiman will start Road Trip 2009, his annual journey through one region of the United States in search of the most interesting destinations to write about and photograph. This year's trip will take him through six states (Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming) and will focus on three major themes: military and defense, energy research, and natural wonders.

But no road trip would be complete without a vehicle, and this year, Terdiman will be driving in and road-testing an Audi Q7 TDI. A so-called clean diesel vehicle, the Q7 is designed to be fuel efficient and low-emissions. But it also has a plethora of high-tech capabilities built into it, not least of which is iPod integration and Bluetooth hands-free phone integration.

Caption by / Photo by Audi

Already an iPhone 3G owner, Terdiman is very familiar with Apple's hit smartphone. But when the new iPhone 3G S was announced, he couldn't resist giving the new device a try, particularly given its ability to shoot video, incorporate a compass, and zoom in on photo targets.

Caption by / Photo by Apple

Terdiman is also very familiar with the MacBook Pro line, since he uses one every day for work. But given the opportunity to try out the very latest MacBook Pro 13-inch model, complete with SD card integration, the latest multitouch tracking, and an advertised seven-hour battery life, he couldn't say no.

Caption by / Photo by Apple

Terdiman will also be trying out a 32GB iPod Touch to see if running Skype is a good way to keep AT&T out of the equation and to see what having his entire music collection easily at hand on a device running iPhone OS 3.0 is like.

Caption by / Photo by Apple

After hearing about Amazon's Kindle for some time, Terdiman was eager to try out the latest version, the Kindle 2, and see what it's like to use the latest technology for e-book reading.

Caption by / Photo by David Carnoy/CNET

Over the course of Road Trip 2006, 2007, and 2008, Terdiman has taken thousands of pictures with several different cameras. This year, he'll be carting around Nikon's new D5000 digital SLR, which includes the ability to shoot HD video, and also has a flip screen.

Caption by / Photo by Nikon

Verizon's MiFi 2200 is the first of a new category of devices: a mobile hot spot. Bringing in a signal via the Verizon EV-DO network, the MiFi then puts out a Wi-Fi signal that up to five people can use. It is battery operated and not much bigger than a credit card.

Caption by / Photo by Verizon

Inmarsat's Explorer 500 is one of a series of mobile satellite modems on what is known as the broadband global area network, or BGAN. The device allows a user, say a war correspondent or an oil field foreman, to get on the Internet from just about anywhere. And whereas satellite phones are still not usable as modems for Macs, the Explorer 500 is.

Caption by / Photo by Inmarsat

In addition to using the Nikon D5000 to shoot HD video during Road Trip 2009, Terdiman will also be using the Flip UltraHD video camera. The device, like its standard-definition cousins, allows users to quickly and easily upload video to services like YouTube.

Caption by / Photo by Daniel Terdiman/CNET Networks

LiveScribe's Pulse pen is designed to allow a user to take notes and record a conversation at the same time. The pen uses special paper to map the notes to the recording so that it's possible to instantly go back and listen to exactly what was said at any given moment.

Caption by / Photo by Jared Kohler/CNET News

During Road Trip 2009, Terdiman will attempt to utilize multimedia as never before. As such, he'll be turning to at least some of the applications in Adobe's Creative Suite 4 Master Collection for content editing.

Caption by / Photo by Adobe

Since Road Trip 2009 will take Terdiman through some very remote parts of the country, he'll be carrying Iridium's newest satellite phone, the 9555, with him in case of emergencies.

Caption by / Photo by Iridium

HP's Officejet H470wbt is a mobile printer that allows users to print high-quality documents anytime and anywhere, and without needing a physical connection between the device and a printer, or a power cord. This should come in handy as Terdiman tries to write multiple stories every day.

Caption by / Photo by Hewlett-Packard

It gets noisy on the road, and Terdiman will be using Sony's MDR-NC22 noise-canceling headphones to try to make the occasional movie more bearable.

Caption by / Photo by Sony
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