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Creative TravelSound Speakers for Zen

Creative TravelSound Speakers for Zen

Whether you're a frequent flier who spends a lot of time in hotel rooms or just want a convenient way to rock out loud on the go, a portable speaker is just the ticket. Creative makes a TravelSound speaker for every size and shape of Zen, and each one is designed to integrate the respective model seamlessly into the design, which is generally sleek, stylish, and compact.

TravelSound Zen X-Fi ($49.99)

TravelSound Zen Mozaic ($39.99)

TravelSound Zen Stone ($39.99)

TravelSound Zen V ($86.99, not pictured)

Cases for the Creative Zen Stone

Cases for the Creative Zen Stone

The Creative Zen Stone lends itself well to fitness and other active pursuits, which is why a silicone case and an armband are the perfect accouterments. We also like the wristband option for the Zen Stone Plus, since it puts the player's integrated digital clock functionality to good use. And the keychain case makes sure you always have the player close at hand.

FlexiSkin for Zen Stone ($4.95)

Armband for Zen Stone Plus w/ speaker ($11-21)

Zen Stone Plus Wristband and Case ($3.99)

Zen Stone Plus Keychain Case ($3.99)

Note: There are three versions of the Zen Stone--the standard version, the Plus model, and the Plus with Speaker. Most of the cases listed here can be found for all three.

Cases for the Creative Zen Mozaic

Cases for the Creative Zen Mozaic

Chances are if you bought the Zen Mozaic, you're sweet on the funky design, which is why we understand if you don't want to cover it up. The silicone cases available for this player emphasize the tile-y goodness while offering a skoshe of protection. Many of them also include an armband and/or wrist lanyard for added functionality (the Mozaic is plenty practical for the gym). If you want something with a touch more class, try a leather case--for vegetarians! (No cows killed for the one featured here.)

Silicone case + armband for Zen Mozaic ($10.49)

TuffLuv Silicone Case (+ lanyard + armband) ($16.99)

Tuff-Luv Veggie Classic Leather case ($24.99)

Cases for the Creative Zen and Zen X-Fi

Cases for the Creative Zen and Zen X-Fi

The most video-friendly Zens are perfect candidates for crystal clear cases to protect their bright and colorful screens. Bonus points go to those that include a built-in kickstand for comfortable video viewing. You can also find basic silicone cases for protecting all surfaces, and nice leather cases to keep them tucked tastefully out of sight.

Tuff Luv Enhanced Polycarb Crystal Case ($24.99)

Creative Hard Plastic Case for Zen ($17.98)

Silicon Skin for Creative Zen X-Fi (+ car charger + travel charger) ($9.95)

Tuff-Luv Rouge for Charity Premium Leather Case ($37.99)


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