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Pentax has a history of quietly cranking out stonking affordable dSLR cameras, and it hopes to extend that run with the new entry-level, high-definition video-shooting, multicoloured K-x.

After the Pentax K100D Super, K20D and K-m all scored CNET review scores of 8 or more, the K-x is arrives as one of the most affordable dSLRs to shoot video.

The 12-megapixel CMOS sensor is shifted slightly by the image-stabilisation system to battle blur, and by a dust-removal system to combat dirt. Sensitivity goes up to ISO 12,800 for low-light shooting, although we'd take that figure with a pinch of salt as image noise at that sort of speed is likely to be considerable.

The K-x includes an 11-point wide autofocus system and 16-segment metering. In burst mode, it fires off 4.7 frames per second, for up to 17 JPEGs or five raw shots. It's powered by four AA batteries, so in theory you should never run out of power.

And it comes in red, white and blue! Very patriotic, or maybe someone at Pentax is a fan of either arthouse cinema or late-90s Britrock. Click through our gallery for more specs, more colour and the all-important price.

The K-x records to SD and SDHC card. It shoots 12-bit raw, and can capture JPEGs and raw simultaneously.
And in white.
The K-x boasts a 69mm (2.7-inch) screen.
The K-x is one of the cheapest dSLRs to shoot video, capturing hi-def 1,280x720-pixel Motion JPEG (AVI) footage at 24 frames per second.
This is the boring old black version, with the flash popped up.
Modes include an automatic mode, aperture, shutter and sensitivity priority, and fun stuff such as fish-eye, sepia and 'toy camera'.
This is the K-x in navy blue. How badass is that?!
The K-x is available with a 18-55mm kit lens for £600. A double kit adding a 55-300mm lens is £750.


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