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Pandora HTML5 design refresh - Resizing

Pandora HTML5 design refresh - Video ads

Pandora HTML5 design refresh - Artist page

Pandora HTML5 design refresh - Profiles

Pandora HTML5 design refresh - Genre stations

Pandora HTML5 design refresh - Following listeners

Pandora rolled out a fresh new site design today that utilizes HTML5 coding to offer new capabilities and new advertising opportunities.

Pandora's HTML5 implementation also allows you to easily resize the radio player elements, such as the album art view.

Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
The use of HTML5 on Pandora offers up more screen real estate and allows for video advertising to scale to full screen.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
Artist pages have also benefited from the cleaner design. On any given artist page you can hear song previews, read bios, and view a list of other Pandora listeners who have "liked" the artist.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
The new Pandora personal profile view takes some influence from Facebook and offers new capability of following (or being followed by) other Pandora users.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
A week prior to the HTML5 refresh, Pandora unveiled a selection of preset genre-based stations. These stations make it easier for users to dive into Pandora's radio experience without creating a station from scratch.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
Pandora listeners can now follow their fellow Facebook friends and share stations from within Pandora.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
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