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Top of the line flash camcorder

Panasonic's top-of-its line flash-based camcorder offers a full set of manual features. Though it's about the same size as its hard-drive-based sibling, the HS300, it's a little lighter.

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Manual controls

The manual focus button works in conjunction with the ring on the lens; when not used for focus, the ring zooms. The function button brings up white balance, iris, and shutter speed options on the touch-screen LCD.

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A full complement of ports and connectors live in the LCD recess: AV, component, and mini HDMI out, USB, and an SDHC card slot. Panasonic recommends a Class 4 card.

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Comfy controls

Unlike the HS300 and HS250, the TM300 has a large, comfortable zoom switch and big, thumb-controlled mode dial.

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Accessory shoe

Panasonic puts the TM300's accessory shoe on the side rather than the top, where it's close the mic input and out of the way of your grip.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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