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4K OLED television

Panasonic ZT Series plasma television

20-inch 4K tablet

4K camcorder in action

New smart TV features

Live-streaming camcorders

Toughened SD cards

Home appliances

What were some of the highlights of Panasonic's 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) booth? Take a look inside.

Panasonic's booth is one of the biggest at the show, with a wealth of business-, industry- and health-focused areas alongside the consumer-friendly fare. We've gathered some of the highlights of the Panasonic booth, and found more 4K, more OLED, some good old-fashioned plasma plus some very tough memory cards.

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We're seeing gorgeous OLED TVs, and we're seeing amazing UHD and 4K TVs. But only two companies have 4K OLED TVs on display. And it looks absolutely stunning. It is just a prototype at this stage, so put it on your Christmas wish list for 2020!

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

Dubbed the "reference TV", the new Panasonic ZT60 is the finest plasma screen available in the long line of finest plasma screens that Panasonic has been producing since it acquired Pioneer's television division. It was on display in a dark, curtained room to get the full impact of its colour depth and contrast. But with OLED becoming reality, plasma will soon only have cost in its favour.

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

It's big, it's bulky, it's beautiful. Panasonic's big tablet offers gorgeous images, thanks to its 4K screen. It runs Windows 8 with a Core i5 and Nvidia graphics, plus 128GB SSD expandable memory. Battery life? Two hours, tops. They're not pitching it as something you'll carry around in your backpack, but more toward architecture and photography uses, where high resolution and portability can be very helpful professionally. That doesn't mean we wouldn't want one for kicking back on the couch watching 4K movies in a few years' time, though!

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

Sony has a prototype 4K camcorder at the show, too, but it's just sitting in a glass case. Panasonic's 4K camcorder is actually up and running, sending live 4K images of this pretty clock to a 4K screen on the wall above.

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

Panasonic has been a little behind on smart features (not that people are truly demanding them yet), but this year, the company had a lot of space dedicated to showing off a range of features. From easily sharing your content to your TV, to customising your interface, to apps (of course), Panasonic wants you to know that it isn't staying dumb in 2013.

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

Panasonic isn't the only company with Wi-Fi-enabled live-streaming features in a camcorder, but the little demo set up with a live Ustream feed was definitely the simplest and best.

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

That memory card sat in the water for waiting to be pulled out, towelled off, and tested in the Lumix alongside. The card is also toughened to withstand bending, static, extreme temperatures, magnets, X-rays and shock, and it is fused to resist power surges. That's one tough little SD card.

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia

It wouldn't be a Panasonic stand without a range of home appliances. Who needs a cuppa?

Seamus Byrne attended CES as a guest of Samsung.

Caption by / Photo by Seamus Byrne/CNET Australia
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