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The lowest ebb of the three Nokia music phones announced today is the Nokia 5030, a phone that not only packs a powerful speaker but is also cheap as chips. Which means annoying kids will be able to afford chips to throw at people who complain about them blaring their music on the back of the bus.

Nokia reckons the 5030 will get you 24 hours of radio time between charges, or 10 hours of talk time. It packs a 48mm (1.8-inch) screen, one-touch radio and channel-selection keys. An internal antenna is included, rather than relying on your headphones, so reception should in theory be better.

As a budget phone, the 5030 includes features aimed at the developing world, with features such as phone-sharing, which tracks pre-pay usage. It doesn't do Comes With Music -- in fact it doesn't do much of anything except make phone calls, look pretty and be cheap. Rather like your humble Craver.

The Nokia 5030 will be available in the second quarter of this year, with prices set at around €40 (£35). Click through our photos for the different colour combos available.

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