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Nintendo Australia recently gave a chance to have an early sneak peek at the upcoming Wii. Here's what we saw.

The Wii unit itself is fairly compact and light, and comes with the stand you see here. Unfortunately, the unit will only be available in white in Australia..

The Wii has a fairly clutter-free front, sporting only a few buttons. For those who don't want to have their Wii standing up, the unit can also lie flat on its side (similar to a normal DVD player).
The top of the unit features a power and reset button...
...while the bottom has the Wii's eject button.
At the centre of the Wii's front is the unit's SD card slot, which is hidden behind this white panel.
Also hiding behind a white panel are the unit's four GameCube controller ports, which are located at the top of the Wii..
The remote control-shaped controller of the Wii is similarly simple in design, and feels quite good in the hand.
The top of the Wii remote has a cross-shaped controller with a large A button underneath. The plus, home and minus buttons below will be used to navigate through games and Wii channels.
The bottom of the remote sports a small speaker, two buttons and four small lights to indicate which number controller the remote is.
The back of the remote features a large trigger-like button, as well as the remote's battery slot. The remote takes two AA batteries.
Each Wii will com pre-packaged with a nunchuck attachment, with connects via a wire to the bottom of the Wii remote. The nunchuck will be used for extra control in some games.
A view from the top of the nunchuck. As you can see, the attachment has two buttons on its underside.
The Wii remote and nunchuck attachment.


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