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Three one hundred, four one hundred, six one hundred -- ready or not, here we come. The Nikon Coolpix S3100, S4100 and S6100 are a trio of compact cameras that'll be playing hide and seek this year, featuring high definition video and a couple of touchscreens.

The S3100 is successor to the Coolpix S3000. The S4100 is a touchscreen snapper, and the S6100 packs an extra-long zoom.

The S3100 and S4100 are 14-megapixel point-and-shoot snappers, both packing a 5x optical zoom. They offer 720p high-definition movie recording with a dedicated movie record button, but no HDMI connection. Features include a smile timer, blink detection and skin softening, as well as a 'cross screen' feature, which adds a starry halo effect around bright objects.

The S4100 packs a 3-inch, 460,000-dot touchscreen, allowing you to swipe through your snaps and even take pictures with a fingertip. It comes in five colours, including red, black and livid purple. The S3100 has a 2.7-inch screen -- which shuns fingertips -- and comes in seven colours, including red, blue, pink and a very bright yellow, pictured above.

The 16-megapixel S6100 also sports a 3-inch touchscreen. It includes a 7x zoom and comes in five colours: violet, black, red, pink and silver.

The S3100 costs just £130, in mid-March. The S4100 will cost £150 and the S6100 £200, both on sale at the end of February. Click through our gallery of official pictures to seek out the three new snappers.

The S6100 in black.
The S6100's touchscreen.
The S6100 in purple.
The S6100 in red.
The slimline S3100 in purple.
The S3100 in blue.
The S3100 has a standard, non-finger-pokey screen.
The S4100 in red.


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