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Nikon's Coolpix range has a new top dog: the Coolpix P100 is a superzoom camera benefitting from a whopping zoom, a flip-out screen and 1080p video.

Most of the changes to the P100 are on the inside, as it shares a number of features with the Coolpix P90. The zoom is now a 26x optical zoom, up from 24x.

The sensor is a 10-megapixel rear-illuminated CMOS, which should improve the quality of pictures but may slow the camera down. A bracketing feature combines multiple images to give a wider dynamic range, or boost low-light performance.

Our US colleague Joshua Goldman has already got his hands on the P100, and he's impressed with the compactness of the camera. Click 'Continue' for the official pictures and availability.

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The screen measures 76mm (3-inch) corner-to-corner, and is articulated.
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The screen flips out...
Caption by this. Useful for holding the camera high over your head, or even down low.
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The P100 sports a stereo microphone up top, for when you're shooting 1080p HD video. You can also shoot slow-motion video at a gobsmacking 240 frames per second.
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The Nikon P100 will hit shelves in mid-March, and will cost £350.
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