We've gone hands-on with Apple's spangly new iPods, both the supersized iPod touch and the new-look iPod nano. Click through the photos above to ogle Cook and co's highfalutin MP3 players from every angle.

Let's start with the new nano, which is -- as the name suggests -- absolutely tiny, thanks to a 2.5-inch touchscreen. It's incredibly light, so you'll hardly even notice you're holding it, and it's much easier to use than the slightly fiddly square nano that Apple was flogging previously.

The design is interesting, as it looks more like a Samsung gadget than typical Apple fare. The new nano comes in a range of colours, and should be a hit with fitness freaks who want to take it jogging -- though note that Apple has removed the handy clip that made it so simple to attach to your clothes.

The nano will set you back £129, and comes out in October.

As for the touch, it gets an iPhone 5-esque stretched-out screen, plus features like Siri and a 'loop' wrist strap that matches the many merry colours it comes in.

Once more the touch is luxuriously slim and light, measuring just 6.1mm thick and weighing a paltry 88g. You get the retina display and camera features such as a new panorama mode.

The iPod touch is basically a more colourful iPhone 5 that can't make calls or handle mobile data. It's a good choice if you're more into apps, playing games and watching video. It'll set you back £249 for the 32GB model, or £329 for the 64GB option. Like the iPod nano, the new touch is out in October, and both models are available to pre-order now.

Are you excited by the new touch or nano? Or are there cheaper alternatives out there? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Colours! Look at all the lovely new colours, aren't they lovely? This is the brand-new iPod nano.
The nano is teeny tiny, with a 2.5-inch touch-sensitive display.
Apple promises 30 hours of music playback.
It should be popular with fitness types, though the handy clip from the last nano is gone.
Side view? Why not. It's just 5.4mm thick.
Video is back! Thor looks... kind of pleased? The nano costs £129, and has 16GB of storage.
Now for the new touch. It has a taller, 4-inch display like the iPhone 5.
From the side you can how slim it is. Just 6.1mm.
It comes with the colour-coordinated iPod touch 'loop', by which we mean it has a wrist strap.
A glorious rainbow of shades...
...though from the front they all look pretty similar.
Panorama mode is one new feature, Siri is another.
The cheapest iPod touch is £250.
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