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Navteq's laser-eye view

Navteq 3D laser system

Navteq's 3D city model

3D laser view close-up

Pedestrian viewed with 3D lasers

Google Street View car

Navteq has begun capturing 3D data with the vehicles used to gather digital map information. This ghostly view of a street is reconstructed from a sea of 3D data points.
Caption by / Photo by Navteq
Navteq's laser technology--lidar, short for light detection and ranging--uses 64 lasers mounted on a stalk atop a vehicle. It can work even when the vehicle is traveling at highway speeds.
Caption by / Photo by Navteq
Navteq has begun offering these 3D digital models of cities in the United States. European, South American, and Asian cities will follow.
Caption by / Photo by Navteq
This close-up shows a more detailed view of what the Navteq 3D laser system can capture.
Caption by / Photo by Navteq
This view from Navteq's 3D mapping technology shows both trees and a pedestrian crossing the road.
Caption by / Photo by Navteq
Navteq isn't the only mapper gathering 3D data. Google has been doing so since at least 2008. This view shows one of Google's Street View cars, photographed by Gabriele Peloso.
Caption by / Photo by Gabriele Peloso/dnakiller
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