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DrPodder helps manage all your audio and video podcasts and allows you to search and add new podcasts, bookmark podcasts for later playback, and create playlists, among other things. The app is available through the Palm App Catalog for $0.99.

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Grooveshark is a streaming music service that lets you search and play individual songs or entire albums. You can also create playlists or check out a playlist from another Grooveshark user. You can stream up to 50 songs for free but afterward you will need to pay $3 per month for a full subscription.

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Let's Golf

You'd rather be out on the golf course, but instead, you're stuck in a meeting. Not to worry; you can still get your fix with your WebOS smartphone and Gameloft's Let's Golf, which offers 63 holes in four different 3D environments. The game is available in the App Catalog for $5.99.

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My Tether

My Tether was one of the most popular apps recommended by CNET readers. It allows you tether over Bluetooth PAN or USB and turns your smartphone into a mobile hot spot so you can share your 3G connection. The app also records total data usage for a session and creates usage graphs. My Tether is a homebrew app and costs $14.95.

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MyQ for Netflix

MyQ for Netflix is a full-functioning Netflix queue manager, allowing you to search the entire Netflix catalog and manage your disc and instant queues (add/move/delete titles). You can download it from the App Catalog for $3.00.

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Another highly recommended app by CNET readers, Preware is a free open-source package management system that allows you to download and install homebrew apps, patches, and themes with one touch.

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One of the first apps to launch on the Palm Pre, Pandora lets you create custom stations and stream music based on your favorite artist, songs, and genres. Like the Web version, you can like/dislike songs and you can purchase tracks straight from your phone via the Amazon MP3 Store. Pandora is free and available from the App Catalog.

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Quick Contacts

Quick Contacts is a contact-management tool that lets you easily call or text message your most frequently contacted friends or family members with just a tap of the screen. There are two versions of the app: lite and full. The lite version is free but limits you to a maximum of nine contacts and doesn't allow custom backgrounds and dialing prefixes and suffixes. The full version costs $2.99.

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Tweed by Pivotal Labs is one of several Twitter applications for Palm WebOS devices. You sign into your account(s) and send tweets as usual or you can simply browser Twitter to see what's going on in the world. Tweed also alerts you to new tweets via the notification bar. It's currently available from the Palm App Catalog for $0.99.

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Another popular Twitter client among WebOS users is Twee. Aside from the basic Twitter features, Twee offers photo support via TwitPic, yfrog, TweetPhoto, and previews a thumbnail of a friend's image URL. It's available in two versions: free and pro ($2.99). If you want to tap into multiple Twitter accounts, you'll need to get the pro version.

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FlightView provides real-time flight tracking information so you can track your own flight or someone else's. The app offers in-air maps, a notification system that alerts you to any changes (delays, cancellations, etc.), and interoperability with Pre/Pixi's calendar. A definite must-have for frequent travelers, FlightView is available from the App Catalog.

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Evernote is a note-taking application that lets you create text- and photo-based notes. In addition, you can add notes to any photos you've taken with your smartphone's camera. Even cooler, any text in the photo or notes created on your phone or the desktop is searchable. Get it now from the Palm App Catalog.

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ToDo Classic

Sometimes apps don't have to be fancy. ToDo Classic is a simple task manager that color-codes your tasks by due date. Once completed, you can simply remove an item by swiping your finger. It's available from the Palm App Catalog for $0.99.

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Don't be caught in the middle of a rainstorm without an umbrella. AccuWeather provides you with current and hour-by-hour weather conditions as well as 5-day forecasts and satellite and radar imagery. It will also send out alerts for any warnings for your area. AccuWeather Premium costs $1.89 and can be purchased from the App Catalog.

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