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The Moxi interface

The grid guide

What do you want to watch today?

Your recordings, ready to watch

PlayOn opens the door to online media

Netflix, via PlayOn


Play some tunes

Media Link

SDV compatible

Multiroom viewing

Unlike the grid-style electronic programming guide (EPG) found on most DVRs, Moxi uses a more vertical, split-screen format: channels on the left side, current and upcoming programs on the right. Unlike TiVo Series 3, the interface is in HD, and it takes up the whole wide screen.
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Proof that people hate change: Despite the fact that Moxi's default interface won an Emmy, the company added the option to toggle to the more traditional grid guide as well.
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As one would expect on a modern DVR, programs are fully searchable by title and genre.
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Recorded programs are organized alphabetically, with multiple episodes of shows grouped together.
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Using the PlayOn software (which needs to run on a networked PC), the Moxi can access a variety of online video sources, including Hulu (free), Netflix (subscription), and Amazon (pay-per-view).
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You can access your Netflix queue through PlayOn.
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Accessing online Flickr photo albums is also supported.
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The Moxi doubles as a music streamer. It can access Rhapsody (subscription required), stream music files from a DLNA-compliant server (such as a PC or Mac), and play free streaming Internet audio via the built-in FineTune app.
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Moxi's Media Link feature allows you to access digital audio, video, and photo files residing on any PC or Mac running DLNA-compliant media server software.
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Anyone whose cable system uses switched digital video (SDV) service should be able to use the Moxi (with an SDV-tuning adapter provided by the cable company).
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Invest in a Moxi Mate streamer and you can access live and recorded TV from the main Moxi DVR in other rooms of the house via a wired home network--no additional cable boxes (or monthly fees) required.

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