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Motorola turns to the flashy and famous to promote its latest and upcoming line of Bluetooth gear, from simple headsets and wireless headphones to music-playing sunnies.

Motorola snagged Posh Spice's hubby David Beckham to promote its Miniblue H9, an itty-bitty Bluetooth headset that comes with a range of earpieces to ensure a snug fit, a reduction in ambient noise and increased audio quality.

Motorola's random alluring model number one shows us what the H680 (due later this year) will look like hanging off an ear.

Bling alert! For AU$199 you can get a Dolce & Gabbana Bluetooth headset (H700) to match your gold D&G RAZR.

The streamlined H550 delivers up to 8 days of standby and includes interchangeable earhooks.

The H9 Miniblue's status light is, er, as blue as this semi-naked models's eyes.

Tennis player Maria Sharapova shows us how the $175 S705 SoundPilot Bluetooth Stereo Controller can be used to hide your cleavage. It also lets you stream music from your mobile phone, use your own headphones and control playback remotely. You'll need a phone that supports the stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) and music navigation Bluetooth (AVRCP) profiles. It's due for release in Q3, 2007.

Motorola's long-winded Automotive Music & Hands-free System T605 is a professionally installed Bluetooth car kit featuring voice activated dialling and a 3.5mm stereo input for MP3 players. You can also stream songs from your mobile phone to the car's speakers, with music pausing when a call comes through.

This crazy-haired rock dude appears to be getting down to the sound of his stereo Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses: the O ROKRs from Motorola and Oakley.

Motorola partnered with JBL to produce the On Tour Mobile -- a portable boom box that doubles as a loudspeaker for your phone. There Bluetooth speaker also has a 3.5mm input for iPods.

Motorola's DJ-style S805 headphones are Bluetooth-equipped meaning you no longer have to be physically tethered to a device to listen to music. Check out the other stereo Bluetooth headphones we've reviewed, too.

Motorola's D200 is a plug-and-play USB Bluetooth "dongle" that streams music from your computer to a pair of wireless headphones. It has also been blessed by the VoIP fairy -- the device will connect to a compatible Bluetooth-enabled headset and allow you to make calls via your PC.


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