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The Motorola Milestone is here, flaunting its Eclair all over Crave towers. It's the first phone to boast version 2.0 of Google's Android operating system, and it's being touted as the iPhone killer in the good ol' US of A.

With its gold trim and funny sticky-outy bottom bit, the Milestone is bravely working a look that's either fashion-forward or fashion flop. Decide for yourself by hitting 'Continue' to see the Milestone in action.

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The Milestone's 94mm (3.7-inch) screen is truly stunning, with rich blacks and fantastic WVGA resolution.
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It's surprisingly thin, especially considering the slide-out Qwerty keyboard -- but it does feel very heavy at 165g. The shiny gold pad on the keyboard does nothing for us. It's just a funky-looking five-way function button, not a fingerprint reader that lets us into Discotown, like we'd hoped.
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The screen is smaller than the keyboard, leaving a little ledge uncovered when the phone is closed. We always appreciate a place to put our tiny beer, but -- why?
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The Android menu is still here, but this is the 2.0 version. Shown here with the Acer Liquid on the right, which runs version 1.6 of Android, you can see a few different icons. Version 2.0 now supports Exchange without a special app, and you can have more than one Google account too.
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Tragically, we won't get the Google Maps Navigation feature -- one of the killer apps for this phone in the US. Instead, we get MotoNav, and although we've only had a brief play, we already dislike it for its constant beeping and alphabetically organised keyboard.
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If you don't feel like sliding out the keyboard -- which takes some serious thumb strength -- you can use the on-screen keyboard.
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