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Is this a Motorola Razr which I see before me, the handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee -- hold on, this isn't the beloved Razr of yesteryear! It's the brand-new Motorola Gleam. 

But, despite being as shiny as an American's teeth, the Gleam is totally retro. Not only is it a flip phone, a genus that's all but extinct in the UK, it also lacks 3G connectivity. But you probably won't miss it, since this phone is aimed squarely at the kind of person who's more likely to surf channels on their telly than surf the Web on their phone.

It's also got the laser-cut aluminium keypad that gave us chills back in the heady days of the early naughties, when the Razr was the iPhone of its day. 

When closed, the Gleam's front case shows a digital clock, which dissolves into a pattern of dancing hearts before returning to darkness. So this isn't a phone for anyone who's afraid of their feminine side.

Features are restricted to a good old-fashioned FM radio and a basic MP3 player. Other than that, this phone is purely for calls and texts, which might be a refreshing change if you'd rather harken back to a simpler time. It's also likely to be quite cheap, says Motorola.

The Gleam will be a twinkle in Moto's eye until March, when it arrives in shops.

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