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Monster Product Red Special Edition Beats Solo Headphone

Beats Solo HD with ControlTalk High Definition On-Ear Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Spin Professional Headphones

Diddy Beats in-ear headphones

Lady Gaga got in on the action to help announce the first new addition to the line. The Beats Solo have been splashed with a lovely deep red paint, and $5 of the $229.95 price tag will go to help support AIDS research in Africa. These headphones are due out in February.
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Monster and Dr. Dre have upped the ante with an upgraded version of the Solo headphones, this set offering high-definition audio in order to woo even the most picky listeners. They feature Monster's ControlTalk module, which lets users control playback on the iPod, the iPhone, and limited BlackBerry devices. Suggested retail for the headphones is $229.95, and they are due out in March.
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On the cushier side of things, you have the new Spin headphones, which are aimed at aspiring and professional DJs. They feature a unique design that allows either earcup to be flipped back and away from the ear. There's also a headphone jack on either one, which means you can daisy chain another pair for shared listening. These headphones are due out in March for around $349.
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The surprise guest of the evening was rap megastar Sean "Diddy" Combs, who has teamed up with Dr. Dre and Monster to put out a line of stylish sound-isolating earphones. This ultracompact model comes in a choice of white, black, or powder pink, each with chrome accents and Monster's signature flat ribbon cable. The Diddy Beats offer ControlTalk and are priced at $179.95.
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