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Streaking meteor

While you were waiting for asteroid 2012 DA14 to pass by Earth, a little bit of outer space actually came down to the ground. Reports out of Russia today tell of a meteor (or maybe meteors, plural?) swooping out of the sky, and there's plenty of smartphone video documenting the event.

The video scenes look uncannily like something out of an alien invasion movie. Then again, what if it were an actual alien invasion...?

Photo by: Screenshot by CNET

Unsuspecting drivers

According to the latest news reports, Russian emergency officials say the meteor exploding mid-air damaged buildings about 900 miles east of Moscow. Apparently, hundreds were injured, mostly by glass from windows breaking in a shock wave. This video still shows a city intersection seconds before the meteor passes by....
Photo by: Screenshot by CNET

Bright light!

...and here's that same intersection as the meteor lights up the scene.
Photo by: Screenshot by CNET

Look, up in the sky

The meteor approaches.
Photo by: Screenshot by CNET

A meteor shoots by

And there it goes.
Photo by: Screenshot by CNET

An eerie glow

That's not your typical morning glare.
Photo by: Screenshot by CNET


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