Tabu LuMini LED

Tabu is back with a new color-changing smart LED called the LuMini. How does it stack up with last year's Lumen LED? Click through for a quick rundown.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

A little sibling

The most obvious difference between this year's bulb and last year's is the size. Like the name suggests, the LuMini is a tiny light compared to the bigger, heavier Lumen LED. It also uses less power, drawing only 3 watts.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Small, but smart

Like last year's Lumen LED, the LuMini connects with your phone using Bluetooth 4.0, allowing you to change the light's color on demand.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET


You'll also have access to fun presets like "Romantic Mode," which cycles through warm tones for a candlelight effect.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Music sync mode

There's also a music syncing mode that'll flash the light in rhythm with your favorite songs.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Color comparisons

In our tests, the LuMini held up well in terms of color quality. Here, you can see it putting out a bold, satisfying shade of green. For more on color quality, check out our in depth tests.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

A mini price tag, too

The best part about this bulb has got to be the price. At just $35 per bulb, and ready to play with right out of the box, it's the most affordable and accessible color-changing smart LED that we've seen to date.

Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET
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